What Happens When We Receive Your Expression of Interest?

Application Pack

If we have begun recruiting for your chosen training course we will send out an application pack to you, otherwise we will send an acknowledgement and keep your details on file until the recruitment period for that course starts.

On receipt of your completed application we will consider whether you are a suitable candidate to volunteer with us. We may contact you at this stage to ask you some more questions.


Once your application has been accepted we will contact the referees you have put down in your application. Please ensure that you have permission to name them as a referee and that they are expecting to receive an email from us to request a reference.

NB: some employers will only provide the dates you were employed by them and no further comments. This is not sufficient for our needs so please check your referees are willing and able to give a full reference before you name them.


On receipt of two satisfactory references we will invite you to attend an interview at our Hanley office or remotely via Microsoft Teams.

The interview will include a listening test and a written test.

We welcome applications from people with disabilities. If you need us to make a reasonable adjustment at this stage please let us know.

If we do not think you are suitable to volunteer with us at this time we will let you know as soon as possible after your interview. We are happy to provide feedback on how we reached our decision.

Allocating Training Places to Suitable Candidates

Once we have completed all the interviews for your chosen course we will decide which candidates to offer a place to. Factors we will take into account are:

  • Your application form
  • Your performance at interview
  • Demand for the course - is it oversubscribed?
  • Which candidates are best able to cover shortfalls in the service

If we think you are a suitable candidate to volunteer with us but we are not able to offer you a place on your chosen course we will give you the option to carry over your application to a later course. We are happy to provide feedback on how we reached our decision.

Beginning your training

We will send you joining instruction shortly before the start of the course.

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