All drop in advice sessions, outreach sessions and face to face appointments are suspended due to the Coronavirus. You can still speak to an adviser over the telephone or webchat.

Newcastle Borough Council Funded Service

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has commissioned us to provide generalist advice services and outreach in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Go to Where are we? page for the opening times of our drop-in advice service in Newcastle and Kidsgrove.

Digital Assistance in the local community

Helping you to find the information you need to help yourself! We can help you to search for information on your issue and will answer any questions you have if filling in forms on-line:

  • Local & National Government websites
  • Report fly tipping
  • Apply for a Blue Badge
  • On-line benefit checks
  • On-line benefit claims

Digital Assistance - Where to find us?

Posters are available for each venue - choose PDF for printing and PNG for sharing on social media

Audley Library - third Monday of the month 2.00pm TO 4.30pm

Audley Library Poster - PDF   Audley Library Poster - PNG

Newcastle Library - every Tuesday 2.30pm TO 4.30pm

Newcastle Library poster - PDF   Newcastle Library poster - PNG

Chesterton One top Shop - every Thursday 9.30am TO 12.30pm

Chesterton One Stop Shop Poster - PDF   Chesterton One Stop Shop Poster - PNG

Clayton Library - fourth Thursday of the month 10.00am TO 12.30pm

Clayton Library poster - PDF   Clayton Library poster - PNG

Madeley Community Centre - first Friday of the month 9.30am TO 12.30pm

Madeley Community Centre Poster - PDF   Madeley Community Centre Poster - PNG

All Digital Assistance outreach on one poster - PDF

All Digital Assistance outreach on one poster - PNG

Generalist Advice Appointments at Kidsgrove Job Centre Plus

Alternate Thursdays 2.00pm TO 4.30pm

Ask your Job Coach to make you an appointment with our adviser

Download Job Centre poster as PDF

Download Job Centre poster as PNG