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Is our Big Lottery Fund supported project working with people and community groups affected by welfare reform. The government's changes to the benefit system are radical and far reaching and will affect many people across north Staffordshire. This project aims to support individuals to understand and cope with the changes by providing face to face outreach advice in local settings, and to work with community groups and residents' associations whose members will be affected and who wish to be able to provide more informed support.

Wednesday 16th November 2016 - STOP PRESS!

We’re Back!

Potteries gold funded for three more years!

Today, the Big Lottery announced their latest Reaching Communities funding programme – and it included our bid for Potteries Gold 2.  This means we’ll soon be running more outreach clinics in your areas, doing benefits briefings to more of your community groups and recruiting more Potteries Gold Community Champions to help our city cope with Welfare Reform.

Read an article about the project in the Sentinel here

Outreach sessions

If you are a member of a community group or residents'' association check to see if they are hosting a Potteries Gold outreach advice session.

Potteries Gold Workshop

Managing your claim for PIP & ESA

If you live in Stoke-on-Trent and claim any of the disability benefits listed below or you care for someone who does our workshop is for you

  • Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)


  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Incapacity Benefit (IB)
  • Income Support (IS) with a disability premium
  • Severe Disability Allowance (SDA)

… and you may be moved onto PIP or ESA in the future

Don’t wait until you get your forms or are called for your medical assessment – get ready now by attending one of our workshops!

  • Learn about the rules for ESA & PIP and how they are applied
  • Learn how to approach a face-to-face assessment
  • And how to apply this approach to an ESA50 or PIP2 form

Workshops are held at Hanley Citizens Advice (Cheapside, Hanley, ST1 1HL) whenever we have enough people on our waiting list

We can also deliver a workshop at your community venue – you just need 6-8 people who are disability benefit claimants or carers and who live in Stoke on Trent

Telephone Deborah Williamson on 01782 408 668 or email Deborah.williamson@snscaborg.uk to get on the waiting list or to find out more

Download Workshop poster

Community Champions

If you would like to learn more about welfare reforms, especially Universal Credit, and feel you could help local people in your community cope with the changes, then you may wish to become a community champion. To find out more about this role download our Benefit Champions brochure by clicking on the image.

 PG champ brochure 40 percent

Alternatively you can call Sarah Honeysett on 01782-408633 or email her by clicking here.

Information leaflets

Potteries Gold has produced a series of information leaflets to help local people understand the changes to the social security system. If you need more specific advice about any of these issues please contact the Citizens Advice. To download these leaflets click on the images below:

UC intro 40 percent     UC for housing costs 40 percent     UC for jobseekers 40 percent     Benefits for Jobseekers 40 percent     Guide to PIP 40 percent     DLA to PIP 40 percent     IIDB 40 percent     Benefits for Carers 40 percent     DLA for children 40 percent     ESA Guide 40 percent     Fit for work 40 percent     Benefit Appeals 40 percent     Benefit appeal tribunals 40 percent     Benefits for older people 40 percent     Attendance Allowance 40 percent     Living together 40 percent     Benefit Cap 40 percent     Guide to Tax Credits 40 percent     Tax Credit Changes 40 percent                          

The following leaflets apply to JSA sanctions only. The rules for Universal Credit are a little different.  We will be producing a new set of leaflets soon.

 Avoiding sanctions          Surviving sanctions          Fighting sanctions


Benefit talks and training

If your community group or residents' association would like to find out more about any of the benefit changes that have happened or are about to take place we can come in to your organisation and do a talk for your service users or residents. Contact Sarah Honeysett on 01782 408 633 or email sarah.honeysett@snscab.org.uk Download a poster by clicking on the link below.

PG Flyer 30 percent

If you would like more in depth training for your staff or volunteers then email Deborah Williamson for further details. Or look at our training page for the latest brochure.

The Potteries Gold Post newsletter

Get information about changes to benefits you can trust plus updates on our project.

Read the latest issue and browse our back issues here

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