Coronavirus and Volunteering

Due to the present crisis most of our staff are working from home. Unfortunately, volunteer recruitment isn't one of the things we can do from home so we are suspending recruitment for now.

Please feel free to send in your expression of interest but be aware that we won't be able to reply until staff are back in the office, 

If you are already part way through the application process please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as we can return to the office.

At this point we don't know whether the June training course will go ahead or if it will have to be cancelled or moved. We'll let you know as soon as we have a decision.

21,500 people can't all be wrong

The Citizens Advice service nationally has 21,500 people across the country who give their time voluntarily to help their local communities. Citizens Advice Staffordshire North and Stoke-on-Trent has a team of around 80 volunteers at any one time. They fill a range of roles and we are always looking for new people to join our team.

 Why volunteer with us?

Make a real difference 

By volunteering you’ll be playing an active part in improving the lives of millions of people and influencing the development of national and local policies and services.

We need you!
Seventy seven per cent of the people who work in the Citizens Advice service are volunteers, and we simply wouldn’t be here for our clients without them.

  • Boost your confidence  
  • Do something interesting and challenging.
  • Meet new people
  • Improve your prospects and put your talents to use
  • Get to know your community
  • Enjoy free training
  • Gain office-based work experience

We pay travel expenses. Some roles are more flexible than others. We’ll do our best to find a role for you that fits in with your interests, and we’ll be as flexible as possible in enabling you to volunteer at the times that suit you best.

Clients as Volunteers

Many of our volunteers were once clients who want to give something back to the service that helped them. Having experience of the service from both sides can be extremely valuable. However, it is Citizens Advice policy not to accept current clients as volunteers as there is a risk of a conflict of interest arising. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this with us. Depending on the type and level of support we provided to you we may suggest taking a little break between being a client and becoming a volunteer. If you are likely to need ongoing advice it may be in your best interest to keep this option open for yourself by not volunteering at this time. If your situation changes we can look at things again.

Step by step guide to volunteering with Citizens AdviceP1010102

>Step One - choose a volunteering role

visit the Volunteer Roles page to see which role(s) you are interested in.

Not all roles are available at all times and at all offices so take that into consideration when you choose.

Still not sure which role is right for you? Take the volunteering quiz

> Step Two - Check when our volunteering opportunities are available

 visit the When We Need Volunteers page to see the days and times each role is available at each of our offices.

> Step Three - Choose a training course

Visit the Volunteer Training Courses page to find a course

If you want to be an adviser you will need to find a course you are able to attend in full. For other roles there may be more flexibility.

> Step Four - fill in an expression of interest slip

If you would like to ask any questions before you proceed please contact Margaret Collin on or telephone 01782 408638. Or read through the FAQs on the national website

NB: There is a separate recruitment process for Trustees - click here

> Step Five - what happens next

Visit the What Happens Next page for information on the application process, providing references and our selection process.

Download our Volunteering Publicity Materials

Can you display a poster or some leaflets for us? Visit Volunteering Publicity page to view and download our volunteering posters and leaflet.