Other Volunteer Roles

Advice Roles

Most of our volunteers will continue to volunteer as Initial Advisers but other advice roles are available for those who have the interest and aptitude and who have been signed off as competent Initial Advisers.

Form-filling Adviser - Form filling Advisers assist clients with complex benefit forms either over the phone or in person.

Full Adviser - Full Advisers in our generalist advice team  give more in-depth advice and guidance than Initial Advisers. This can be on any topic, but you might like to choose an area to specialize in such as benefits, housing or employment. Appointments may be by telephone or in person.

We also use a small number of volunteers in our specialist teams. You would be expected to have at least 12 months experience as an Initial Adviser before we would consider you for one of these roles.

Volunteer Mentor – some of our experienced volunteers assist with mentoring new Initial Advisers.

Non-Advice Roles

Research and Campaigns volunteer - Research and Campaigns is a key part of what we do as a Citizens Advice local service. Working with such a wide range of clients and their issues enables us to see which local and national policies are affecting our clients unfairly.

As a research and campaigns volunteer you might:

  • Complete and collate evidence forms that record information about the problems clients experience.
  • Identify and raise research and campaigns issues to share with the wider organization.
  • Conduct research and write reports.

Reception and Administration Roles - We occasionally have opportunities for volunteers to assist with reception during our drop-in advice sessions and to assist our admin officers.

Trustee Role - Each local Citizens Advice is a registered charity with its own board of trustees who are responsible for deciding how the local Citizens Advice is run, including deciding how resources are used, making sure the charity is fulfilling its purpose and has all the relevant policies and procedures in place.

If you are interested in any of our non-advice roles, please contact us.

You can read more about volunteering with Citizens Advice on the national Citizens Advice website.


Still not sure which role is right for you? Take the volunteering quiz  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSchsR6OKJPBCyG0WoDkii8jEmO1am3uch82nvWMDKDW8q4gzQ/viewform

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