These pages were added in September 2019 to coincide with the 80th Anniversary of the Citizens Advice service both nationally and locally.

They are intended to be an ongoing archive of our history for future generations of clients, staff and volunteers.

We would greatly appreciate any input from the general public. Please get in touch if you have memories of our service or any information, documents or photos. Email or telephone 01782408668.

For Everyone For 80 Years

24th January 2019
Gillian Guy, chief Executive of Citizens Advice, on the 80th anniversary of the Citizens Advice Service.

"... Since the very beginning, Citizens Advice has been at the forefront of providing free, confidential, independent advice. We started giving advice in 200 locations on 4 September 1939, the day after World War Two started. But these services didn’t wait for people to find them — instead they ventured out into some of the areas worst affected by the Blitz to find those in need. They gave advice to whoever needed it on a range of issues including evacuation, what to do if they’d lost their home and how to get a new ration book.
And while thankfully the nation isn’t experiencing the same immediate physical danger as it was in wartime Britain, we’re still reaching those in need of help 80 years on. We’re still offering face to face advice for anyone who needs it but today we’re increasingly reaching people in new ways too, whether that’s through our website, through chat or over the phone..." click to read full article (external link)

1939 - How It All Began

Local Newspaper articles chart the growth of the Citizens Advice service in North Staffordshire from the first call for volunteers to the setting up of nine bureaux throughout the region.

1940s - The Story Continues