Our Vision

A recent strategic review carried out by our Trustee Board has identified that in 2017 Staffordshire North and Stoke-on-Trent CAB will be:

  • Delivering high quality advice across north Staffordshire;  
  • Responding to the needs of local people;  
  • Active in and engaged with our local communities;  
  • Building capability and resilience in local people by developing their skills, knowledge and confidence;  
  • Influencing local and national policy development;  
  • Active in mutually beneficial partnerships;  
  • Financially resilient with strong, up to date ICT infrastructure;  
  • Enterprising, creating and taking opportunities to grow the organisation in a managed and sustainable way;
  • Leading by example on issues of equality, anti-discrimination and community cohesion; 
  •  Well governed, led and managed;
  •  With a staff and volunteer group that is well-trained, committed and capable.