Our Current Strategic Priorities

To fulfil this vision we have set the following strategic priorities, under the following main themes:


We will seek to tackle poverty and inequality by improving local people’s access to advice in the following ways

  •   Extending how we give advice
  •   Increasing the range of advice offered:
  •   Developing new or extending the range of existing services to excluded groups
  •   Working with partners to improve access to advice.


We will also address poverty and inequality by seeking to influence policy and decision makers, locally and nationally by:

  • Participating fully in national campaigns;
  • Developing local campaigns;
  • Developing our media presence especially through social media;
  • Maintaining and developing our partnership presence and influence;
  • Building our training offer to influence practice.  

Equality & Diversity

We will maintain and enhance our reputation as a champion of equality and diversity. This is a thematic initiative the external aspects of which will be implemented primarily through specific initiatives under the first two themes, in particular:

Improving access for excluded groups, by:

extending the reach and range of our services to meet the needs of more excluded groups;
improving how we deliver our existing services to make them more inclusive and accessible.

Using our influence to promote equality and diversity, by:

leading campaigns focussed on the needs of excluded groups or promoting equality and diversity;
influencing partners and partnerships;
publicising our training offer around equality and diversity.


In order to do the above we need to be resilient. We will improve our resilience by:   

  • Strengthening our financial position;   
  • Strengthening our ICT infrastructure and  
  • Investing in the leadership and governance of the organisation